Stories of Regret

Died suddenly brain bleed

July 2021 both my mom and sister went together to get their second shot of Pfizer same lot number same vile! 3 days after my mom got what seemed to be full on dementia like turning on a light switch I did take her to several doctors and asked could it be a side effect…

Help my Dad

Hello, this is my dad’s story. I did not get jabbed but my parents did in March and June 2021. In late June they left for vacation in BC for 2 plus months. Shortly after their arrival, while visiting my Uncle, his dog, who is not vicious but excited to see people, greeted my dad…

Tried Being a Good Human

Back in 2021 I decided to get my first vaccination, things were good, not feeling sick, no side effects. End of July 2021, I went and got my 2nd dose and that’s where life went downhill. Woke up twice one night due to severe leg cramps, and went to the hospital after the 2nd one.…

Rib inflammation Costochondritis

I got my first dose of pfizer vaccine on Dec 3 2021. 3 days after I suffer from pain in my chest. I was worse when I was lying on my back or on the right side of my body, and I was trying to turn to the left side. I was stupid enough, not…

Cancer Returned after Jabbed

I was cancer free for 7 years.. 3 months after jab had three spots on my lung metastasis from earlier breast cancer….. speaking with my PT i am her 4th patient that was cancer free then vaccinated and our cancers returned coincidence???

I had peace before

After the second dose I began to experience brain fog, confusion, depression, muscle pains, trouble with memory, Trouble sleeping Ringing in ears (could that be from vaccine?) Anxiety

Over a year later, still recovering from Moderna and the nerve damage

Sept 16 2021 I took the second dose of the vaccine. Both shots were Moderna administered locally. Roughly two week later I began to feel pain in my arms, internal pains. I been a blacksmith for over twelve years and although it was some time ago I was professionally in the field, I knew what…

Desperate teen takes jab so she can socialize again

On December 7, 2021 my 16 your old daughter texted me and said mom I’m getting the vaccine. She knew I was against it. I even lost my registered nurse job over it. But she was so isolated as all the unvaccinated were and the pressures of being a teenager was too much to bear.…

From healthy to not knowing my own body anymore

Perfectly healthy 38 year old mom of 3. Received 1st Pfizer June 1 2021. Within a week started becoming ill and continuing health issues. Was diagnosed with Graves Disease, Thyroid eye disease, hearing loss and issues in one ear, 2 blood clots, partial Bell’s palsy, neurological issues (tremors and shaking body) and now being looked…

forced to vax with severe ongoing reactions

im a non vaxor and was forced to get my shot via work…..1st pfiser shot started getting leg cramps 10ish days after….didn’t think anything of it….legs cramps worsened got my 2nd Pfizer shot over a month later…..a week or so after that couldn’t walk at all on my right leg….calf was hard as a rock…..was…

The volume of deaths and adverse reactions is creeping up at an alarming rate and with people settling in for the long haul in order to “normalize” this situation, the demand for more vaccines and boosters will elevate from governments and pharmaceutical companies.  As this unfolds, the toll that these injections are taking on our bodies will continue to increase in ways that we cannot even comprehend.  Vaccine regret has people asking themselves why they are taking these injections if they are not really protecting us, are not sufficiently stopping transmission, and are leading to a record number of deaths and adverse reactions for an illness that has a death toll which is essentially a rounding error?  This is especially the case for the population under 60 years of age, where the death rate from Covid is infinitesimal.

At Take Action Canada, we are hearing stories daily from people who are having second thoughts regarding their decision to vaccinate.  They could be worried about taking a second or even third shot.  They might have come to the realization that the shot will not actually protect them and regret rolling the dice on the possible side effects.  They might have heard stories from individuals that have already suffered due to the vaccinations.  Whatever is driving you to this page, we want to hear your stories.

  • My brother-in-law took his shot on Thursday and dropped dead on Sunday, he was 64 and no known health problems. I saw him before the EMTs arrived and every blood vessel in his face were broken and he wad dark purple, not pale or blue. So I hope someone will take a step back and check on these EUA vaccines, they haven’t been tested enough to be licensed by the FDA
  • An 18-year-old from Springdale, Arkansas, who had a heart attack after receiving his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine said he’d rather get COVID than have a heart attack. Within 12 hours of the second dose, the teen developed a fever and chills.
  • I have transported 6 people with very concerning side effects of vaccine (stoke symptoms that turned out to be a very severe Bells Palsy, new onset seizures in an 18-year-old 6 hours after does 1, angiodema, 20-year-old who thought she had hives turned out to be vaccine induced shingles (from a paramedic)
  • A week ago my brothers 13-year-old son had his second shot. Less than 3 days later he died. The initial autopsy where that his heart was enlarged and there was fluid surrounding it.  He had no other health problems and was on no medication
  • Fifty-year-old Diana Davison has not had a period for more than a year. So when she started experiencing bleeding 12 hours after her first injection she was shocked. Worldwide, thousands of women have reported menstrual changes post-jab, according to various studies.