Mixed cocktail that almost killed me

By James darrell Maclean | Toronto, Ontario | July 22, 2023

I am a 54 year old male who’s been very active in my life as I have three children and am a single dad. I have been a house painter for 35 plus years as of may 27 /21 I had taken the vaccine from Moderna with very little side effects from it, other the a sore arm and a little nausea. On August 2/21 I received my second dose from the same place. They were about to give me a Pfizer vaccine on top of the Moderna vaccine. When I sat down to receive it not knowing which drug I was receiving in my left arm it felt stranger then the first one I received by Moderna. So with that I asked her which drug she had injected. what She said Pfizer but I never clicked in that it was a mix until it was too late. I went on my way with not even one side effect. When I took off the band-aid no blood was evident and was not sore. I never felt a thing until about 20/23 hours later. I was sitting down and went to reach for something and it was like I was struck by lighting in my back chest and down my arms I passed out right away and woke up to my dog licking my face and in sever pain. My upper body was almost completely numb and paralyzed, nearly impossible to move. The pain was so intense! My injuries cover over 40% of my body with my upper body completely numb. I have severe nerve damage and muscle pain with pins and needles all the time! I can’t do much these days other than getting prescriptions filled for the meds I am on just to get my pain and numb feeling under control. As of now my job as a house painter is over. My leisure time is done for now. My life has been flipped upside down in the last 20 months. I’m not sure how I can survive this pain and misery brought on by taking the vaccines.

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