Injured after Pfizer Vaccine

By DeeDee Deline | Wasaga Beach, Ontario | September 18, 2023

Hi, my name is DeeDee. I’m a Registered Practical Nurse in Ontario. I took my first shot of Pfizer vaccine in October 2021 and second vaccine in November of 2021 in order to keep my employment and continue with my passion of nursing. After receiving the second vaccine, 7 hours and 20 minutes after the shot, my left side of face under eye and cheek started to swell, tighten and tingle. The eyelid was heavy with discomfort. My physician recommended that I see my Optometrist. I did so and no concerns of vision. My doctor was unable to writer an exemption as she said she would loose her licence. By February 2022, my employer said we required the third vaccine to be employed. I was off for two weeks on unpaid leave as I did not want to receive the vaccine. I received the third injection and immediately had pain and discomfort on left upper and lower eye lid/cheek. My side effects included paresthesia, throbbing, tingling, heaviness, swelling,and not limited too. I also have left arm weakness. I’ve had to advocate for myself to see many specialists including Ophthalmologist/Neurologist, Optometrist/Neurologist, Rheumatologist, Immunologist, Allergist, Neurologist and Hematologist, Naturopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapy with Acupuncture, My Neurologist completed a thorough exam with MRI’s of the brain and Orbit, CT scans with contrast, and concluding that “he was puzzled”, Tests were coming back clear except for a high Anti RNP of 3.7. I will be seeing a second Neurologist end of September 2023. I am at the point where I am desperate for help and treatment. I am willing to go out of country and pay for medical services. Thank you for allowing me to share my story.

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