Good Bye Canada :(

By Dale Sherstobitoff | Kamloops, British Columbia | October 9, 2023

I had 2 moderna experimental vaccine injections for covid . I had 2 brain aneurysm and major life saving surgery. The Dr. refuses to say it was due to experimental vaccine…. i was given 15- 20 % chance to live and was airlifted to Vancouver for immediate brain surgery. i know for a fact it was from ex. vax as i had tests done previously and did not have aneurysms forming. I had the first aneurysm on the 2022 convoy the day the riot cops came and forced us out. I thought it was a horrible migraine. I had the worst headaches for weeks… I had the 2nd aneurysm on Vancouver Island, the 2nd stronger than the first 3 weeks prior. I again thought it was a migraine. I went blind all i could see was a bright light.. my arms went numb, the pain in in my head was instant and debilitating…i started vomiting as the pain was unbearable… I left with the convoy and went bak to my home town, i jumped off the convoy in Kamloops and went to the hospital to see why i was getting migraines and had a constant debilitating headache… They did an MRI and immediately called air ambulance and sent me to Vancouver. Im one of the lucky ones, my brother was not so lucky. I do however suffer from severe memory loss now and a fear of not surviving another aneurysm as i have 2 children that need me, one with a incurable mental health issue. I moved out of Canada as I do not trust our Government. I visit my children and friends in Canada now, but wont be able to return if the vaccine passport is re-established. I will not comply ! My youngest son was tricked into one injection while in phsychosis, My oldest son refuses it for life!

My brother was also vaxed and he died of a massive heartattack.

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