Husband died! I’m dying and my 23 year old son vaccine injured!

By Colleen Brandse | Kawartha Lakes, Ontario | May 16, 2024

RN x 28 yrs, developed T-cell lymphoma Feb. 2021. Avoided jab as I didn’t trust it, but my oncology doctor pushed saying, “you need to take it, I’m telling everyone to take it!” Long story short, I caved and took 2 jabs 3 weeks apart in June of 2021 as per her advice. Initial jab I had some facial tingling, but it resolved after 20 minutes or so, so I figured it was just anxiety. 2 weeks after 2nd shot was when ALL THE FUN BEGAN!!!

Here’s a partial list:
2 Weeks Post Vaccine:
*Shooting pain in both feet
*Foot drop left foot
*Numbness up lateral lower legs
5 Weeks Post Vaccine:
*blind in right eye, a rare cataract (cousin had exactly the same thing). Both of us had surgery…he still gets monthly injections into his right eye.
*Abdominal pain
6 Months Post Vaccine:
* levedo reticularis (mottled legs)
*blood in urine x 4 months, multiple infections
*migraines x 4 months, daily
*muscle wasting (atrophy)
*brain fog
*thyroid dysfunction
*hair loss
*twitching/muscle spasms
*brain aneurysms grew requiring “Urgent surgery”, but too high risk with so many injuries, gaslit when trying to get help. Surgery still not done 2.5 yrs later. Resulting in subsequent small stroke in a separate area of the brain. I was told on 2 occasions that due to the location of my double brain aneurysms, it’d be “catastrophic if they rupture”, yet nobody will help me to get other issues addressed.

SO I a ticking time bomb.

I suffer severe shortness of breath due to worsened vocal chord paralysis. Was booked to have pre-op done for a tracheostomy, but denied surgery due to high risk with aneurysms. ENT specialist tried to contact neurosurgeon x 2 weeks, by both phone as well as email, but not able to get him. She advised me to fire him, which I did, STILL I WAIT!

It took over a yr to get my immunology consult to test for small fibre neuropathy. It took 6 months for a follow-up call. Since then I had more tests done over 2 months ago during the start of 2024, but still no call with results or next steps.


The hematologist/oncologist, who pushed the jabs, quit her job 6 months later to take an assistant Dean at a university. The doctor who trained her, did the same! That spoke volumes! My endocrinologist now thinks I have a secondary cancer, but I have decided not to chase a diagnosis. What’s the point!? I will NEVER let them do chemo, as I’ve lost ALL trust in the corrupt medical system! I’m ashamed that this was a system I was part of for 28 years.

My departed husband developed turbo colon cancer after booster, passed away Feb, 2024. Prior to cancer, had multiple pulmonary emboli. A once very fit proud firefighter.

My 23 yr old son, 2 shots, one moderna, but not sure of 2nd. He had a pulmonary embolism, and was diagnosed recently with functional neurological disorder after stroke symptoms.

I have testified with the National Citizens Inquiry Canada and have spoken at various events/podcasts. I continue to hear “one day justice will be served” I hope and I pray to God that I live to see it!!


#StopTheShots #SaveTheChildren

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