The Worst Mistake of my Life!

By Lisa Acton | Durham, Ontario | September 5, 2021

I was against it from the beginning but got pressured into it. After my first shot I got a delayed reaction, approx 1 week after. My back, up my neck, over my shoulder and around my heart and down to the end of my fingers was in excruciating pain. It was like that even still when I went for my second one. I told my pharmacist, he said it could be “covid arm”, however I still let him put in the second jab. If I didn’t say yet, I got both jabs in my left arm and all the pain was on my left side. I made an appt to see my doctor, he told me to go home and take advil for a week. I made another appointment, I begged him to do something because I couldn’t take it anymore. He sent me for a vascular ultrasound. She said there was nothing there. The pain continued, getting worse, I went back to my doctor again and he laughed at me under his mask, ridiculed me but gave in and gave me a requisition to get the D-dimer blood test. I went and had it done, the day I went I couldn’t remember my appt time so I went onto lifelabs website and it there showed my last 2 blood tests, 1 was after the vaccine, my platelets were high, my results were red flagged and he had told me my blood work was good. There were literally red caution signs. I went for my blood test and I’ve since cancelled 3 appts with him because I’m afraid of how I might react. I sent an email to him, he then had his receptionist call me because he wanted me to come in and see him. Those are the 3 appts I have cancelled. The day he gave me my requisition for the blood test he also put in a referral for me to see a cardiologist, because my heart hurt, while he was laughing at me under his mask and I was crying under mine! I cant bring myself to go into his office. Ive since gotten appts for a nuclear stress test, an EKG and an echogram. The pain has let up quite a bit over the last week but my arm still tingles and the pain still comes and goes but nothing like it was. Thats my story!

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