Mom and son injured 6 days apart

By Leigh-Ann | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan | September 22, 2021

My son while attending university in Tucson,AZ received the one shot J&J vaccine. On April 5,2021. By April 11, he was in Banner Hospital having TIA’s (mini strokes) They didn’t look for these abs he wasn’t only 18 years old and diagnosed him with mononucleosis and a migraine headache. We flew him home. By May 19th he was coughing up hands full of blood.
University hospital in Saskatoon sent him home.
I rushed him back first thing the next morning where he was admitted and found to have bilateral blood clots and an infarction in his left lung.
6 days later he drove me to city hospital because the back of my left leg was hurting.
I was diagnosed with a 2.5 foot DVT from my ankle to my abdomen.
I was ambulanced to St Paul’s for surgery the next day.
After doing a contrast CT it was determined that I already had blood clots in my right lung and surgery was no longer an option.
I spent a week in hospital.
Both my son are on blood thinners for life and he has also been diagnosed with a heart condition.
The Saskatchewan Health authorities have denied my adverse reaction claim so I have no recourse of getting compensation. I have been off work since May.
I received a soft tissue infection that had to be treated with 2 courses of antibiotics after leaving hospital. Not one dime is being covered for either of our live long medications or hardships from being disabled to the point I couldn’t work.
The SHA is being sneaky and deceitful in their dealing with any adverse reactions.

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