Loss of my sister

By S. | Centre Wellington, Ontario | September 3, 2021

My eldest sister was very hesitant to receive the vaccine. She delayed, talked to myself and another sibling in the health field who have concerns, reviewed pros and cons. But ultimately she went primarily as other siblings and her daughter warned her she was as risk with an underlying lung condition. 5 days after her Pfizer injection she experienced stroke like symptoms (hand spasms, a rash on that hand, and felt very strange- forgot what she was doing momentarily). She wondered after if it could have been a food allergy or small stroke. Then wondered if it was a reaction to the injection. She called Ontario public health to speak to a nurse and they said they would put the report in her file(She has no family doctor). They did not follow up with her or make any recommendations. She called twice more and they had no record of the previous 2 calls. She then demanded they record it and cancelled her 2nd dose stating it was due to an adverse reaction.

Due to increasing symptoms of fatigue and shortness of breath she went to the ER this week and was admitted. She was diagnosed with multiple blood clots and passed away yesterday of a pulmonary embolism.

Unfortunately some of our family members still feel this is all coincidence. It is heart breaking that she died on the same day that Ford approved passports in Ontario. I am not sure what is happening in our country but i no longer recognize it any longer. I have declined the vaccine and now will fight for others in my sister’s memory. I do not consent to the loss of our freedom and way of life our forefathers fought for. My kids and I may soon no longer be allowed entry into public places- to play or watch their hockey games. How has it come to this?

Thank you for offering us a voice.

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