Gaslit by the medical community after dedicating my whole professional career to the field

By Crystal | Ottawa, Ontario | July 22, 2023

Hi. I’m currently in the middle of going through VISP so I have to remain anonymous because I don’t trust them not to mess with my claim if I speak out publicly. After my claim is processed I will absolutely speak out publicly.
I used to be a PSW and got the shot, as there was a looming deadline to be vaxxed or laid off without pay. So, I went ahead with it. The first shot was fine, so a month later I went ahead with the 2nd. Well. Nothing was fine. My symptoms started within 24 hours with full body pain. I felt like I was being peeled. My right thigh was in pain so I went in to see if it was a blood clot. It wasn’t. As the thigh started feeling better the left knee was feeling swollen and in pain. By the 4 week mark post vax, I could no longer walk on my left leg as the knee was swollen and purple. I had it documented at each appointment that the onset was the vax. I knew this was the onset from the minute it happened so I insisted that it be recorded. I was gaslit for months. I knew what this was and I’m qualified to make that assessment. I was a phlebotomist/lab tech from 2007 (graduated with honors)-2014 and then took the PSW course in 2017 (graduated with honors and received the academic achievement award. Was on the deans list every month for the duration of the course) and worked as a PSW until I had no choice but to go on disability after the vax in 2021. I had every road block possible thrown in my way. I was working for a company who is supposed to help people with disabilities and they made everything as difficult as possible including not submitting my paperwork to insurance on time forcing me to go on welfare. At every doctors appointment (I have detailed notes on every appointment) I was ignored. The suggestion was cortisone shots into my knee and “pain management”. I had spoken to a physiotherapist and they said that the vax shone a spotlight on any area of inflammation and triggered my immune system to attack it. So, I said no to the cortisone shots and asked for the blood tests to see if it was inflammatory or immune. I went to a lab where I am able to view my test results. I saw that all inflammation tests were normal and the only test that was not normal was my ANA indicating an immune issue. The Dr didn’t know that I had seen my results and that I know what I’m talking about. He lied to me and said that everything was normal. I said yeah, everything but the ANA, right? He said “oh, so you know your results”. I said “yes I do and I’d like a referral to an immunologist”. He refused. I fought with him for a while and I told him that if he was refusing to help me then the least he can do is refer me to someone who will. He referred me to a rheumatologist. They’re the one who filled out all the papers to have this reported as a vax injury. I had to go back to that clinic and when I did, I found that the Dr that I had been seeing from summer 2021 until April 2022 had retired. The new Dr. I had to see at that clinic (my family physician was on leave and this is where it is set up for us to have access to a doctor while mine was off). She was generally uncooperative, so I recorded an appointment where I had to ask for the medication and referral that the rheumatologist requested. This Dr. proceeded to tell me that she wouldn’t help me because she didn’t know enough about my case to give me the referrals however had no problem prescribing the medication. Anyways, way more to that but I have limited characters on here. I have the recording, which is completely legal. The rheumatologist proceeded to give me the needed referrals. Once I got in to the physiatrist, it was determined that the damage is permanent, however, had I been listened to in the first place and properly treated with steroids in the first 6 months, it would have been reversible but due to their negligence, I’m permanently disabled now. It was also determined that had the Dr. suspected a rheumatological issue (hence the referral to the rheumatologist) the steroid treatment should have been the first thing to be done. Complete negligence because they cant treat something without making a diagnosis which couldn’t be done without admitting that it started with the vax.
Long story short, due to lack of space, I am permanently injured due to this vaccine. I am a victim (I hate that word) of medical negligence and malpractice. I have proof of it all. This small note on here is the tip of the iceberg.

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