By Sandra | Toronto, Ontario | September 19, 2021

My husband got his first dose of pfizer on August 7th. Within two hours he developed a horrible headache. The headache would not go away even with Tylenol and he described it as starting in the back of his head and a sharp piercing pain going through to his eye socket and jaw. On Aug 12 at approximately 1:15 am he got up to go to the washroom and when he got back into bed something didn’t feel right. He began to feel dizzy and clammy and woke me up. I turned on the light and he was very pale and sweaty. His legs then started to tremor and then his arms like a seizure. The paramedics arrived and checked him over and all their tests were negative, but they transported him to hospital where they did a CT of his head, chest xray, ecg, ultrasound of his legs and multiple rounds of blood work. Over the next 4 days he had three separate episodes where his body would go tingly from head to toe, his limbs would again start to tremor and his heart rate would plummet into the teens and then “stall” for 20 seconds or so. He would black out from lack of oxygen and wake to find staff around him after they called a code blue. The first time they rolled him onto his back to put the defib pads in place and his heart rate started to climb back up but the other two times they had to administer atropine to get his heart going. The doctors initially refused to say it could be from the vaccine and tested him for every virus, disease and disorder imaginable. On Day 5 after more tests – chest xray, several more rounds of blood work, a treadmill stress test and echocardiogram the cardiologist did say “I have to admit that this is most likely from the vaccine, but ONLY because I have another male patient who just came in and he’s in his 50s with no prior health history who has almost identical symptoms”. They refused to report or record this as a vaccine injury. We asked several times, but the doctor would say “it’s not certain” and “we don’t expect these things with pfizer” and we would respond “HOW DO YOU KNOW ??? THIS IS ALL BRAND NEW AND YOU DON’T REALLY KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT!!!” I began to give him some supplements on day 4 without consulting the doctors. The staff at Goodness Me called it the “detox from mRNA” concoction. That night was the first night his heart didn’t crash. Two more nights went by without any cardiac “stalling” but he was (and still is) having severe anxiety, daily headaches and small neuro impulses when he sleeps that feel like zaps, which is all new to him since the vaccine. On day 8 they discharged him saying his heart was structurally perfect and because he had 2 nights without cardiac incidents he was safe to leave. Sadly, after walking out of the hospital to the parking garage he had a severe panic attack and had to return for another day and night. He has never had panic attacks before but now he’s having them every few days. He’s taking lorazepam to help. They put a holter monitor on him for 3 days after discharge and did a sleep study and everything was fine. The cardiologist called yesterday for follow up and still says “it may have been related to the vaccine as we’ve had a few more cases that are similar, but we can’t say for certain”. MIND BLOWING!!!! We saw other patients who were also in the hospital with vaccine injuries and most likely are not being reported. What’s absolutely insane is that the patients coming in with vaccine injury are reported as “unvaccinated” because they are within the 14 days of being jabbed. The news reports that the patients in hospital and ICU are unvaccinated but that’s untrue. Our family doctor received his discharge summary and none of the actual details are in it. We had to beg for a vaccine exemption letter from him but because he didn’t have myocarditis he said he really isn’t supposed to. The list of side effects to get the exemption only includes that specific issue because as our cardiologist said “we’ve seen thousands of patients, mostly teen boys, with myocarditis”. Now they are pushing this on children and pregnant women. As a newborn photographer I have already seen at least 5 newborns who’s mothers were vaxxed and they are very shaky and have really tight ligaments in their arms and fingers and are hard to settle. Their eye movements are odd. We know right away which babies have vaccinated mothers because I’ve been doing this for 11 years and have never seen anything like this. It’s so sad and truly terrifying. My husband is making a good recovery but I do feel he will have lifelong symptoms and his daily headaches continue.

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