By Brittany shandrowsky | Edmonton Ab, Alberta | May 1, 2022

My mother in law who already has an autoimmune disorder.. is and has been in the hospital all week. Tests and full CAT scans. Biopsies and blood work. They now believe she has a second autoimmune disease which effects her lymphatic system. Including nodes on her heart and around it. I’m terrified they are going to try and put her on remdesivir! She is double vaxxed. She is my mom. I love her. She has slowly been getting worse. Don’t vaxx your children. Your elderly or the sick ppl in your life. The vaxxine or pills are not trustworthy medications. I will not vaxx my daughter. As my husband and I are suffering our own symptoms. He has heart issues now.. breathing is difficult in some moments.. fine in others. I have muscle weakness. Weightloss. Insomnia. Never hungry. I sweat all the time. I’m 34. I can’t push or pull heavier items with my left arm. 4 x rays and blood work.. ultrasound next to see what’s happening to my muscles. These are just the basic complaints that we have. But my mother in law… mom.. this is not ok. This isn’t right. She is the most amazing woman to me. Next to my own mom of course. But people don’t deserve to suffer because world “leaders” make it impossible to survive with out complying. Mom lost her father to covid 19.. so they say.. but I’m starting to wonder now. What did they use to treat him? Why can’t we have ivermectin to cure this once and for all. Worried in Edmonton.

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