Went against my gut feeling

By Shaun Marsh | Lac La Biche, Alberta | October 5, 2022

This is what I put on my Facebook page

This is my story.

I held off getting the vaccination because my gut instinct (my higher self) was telling me not to get it because something “not good”may happen!
I had family member’s and some friends saying “ Shaun you need to get it , don’t be selfish”
Feeling a wee bit of pressure and going against my intuition and better judgment I decided I should get it to help mankind. Well shortly after I received my first jab, the side effects of Bell’s palsy started! (And yes it is one of the complications/side effects)
I can no longer hear anything out of my left ear , I have paralysis on the left side of my face , I have to wear an eye patch most of the day and also when I sleep because my eye lid won’t close , I walk off kilter because I have no balance , I cannot work!!
I won’t be compensated for any of this happening to me , but even if I could be compensated nobody will give me the information on who to talk to…..

My Neurologist has submitted a letter to AHS stating that I do in fact have a vaccine injury.
So please STOP pressuring your family, friends or anyone to get the jab!!
Their body , their choice.

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