Welcome To My Nightmare

By | , | April 28, 2022

David Wood

First Dose of Pfizer on 04/03/21

Denver, Colorado

30 yrs old

After receiving the first dose of the vaccine: within a minute or two my vision went blurry and I started to feel numb and nauseous. My heart rate spiked to 150 and I called over the paramedic who gave me water. This was the first of many more arrhythmias I’d have after the vaccine. Fast forward to August 13 of last year, I was on a plane to Chicago to film a wedding. Again a feeling of sickness came over me and my heart rate spiked to 181BPM. At this point I was concerned so I reached out to my PCP who assured me it was just anxiety.

Since August 2021 I’ve been in and out of all different types of doctors offices. I’ve been gaslit by almost every doctor I’ve seen, all claiming it was just anxiety. After months of fighting for more testing, we finally captured an arrhythmia on an event monitor. It was non-sustained ventricular tachycardia that lasted about 4 seconds. The only way I can describe it is that it feels like a machine gun going off in your chest. It’s so sudden and quick you don’t have time to react. After that I went in for an emergency procedure the next day for blockages in my heart (angiogram) which came back normal with no signs of coronary artery disease. My cardiologist then recommend we get an MRI to check for structural issues that would cause this, including myocarditis. Thankfully my MRI came back showing no inflammation and no damage. I’m baffled because, to this day, my heart still feels off and I’ll have random chest pain and heart rate spikes that seem to be tied to flare ups. At this point, it feels like an autoimmune response.

My cardiologist suspected I may have had myocarditis. After a plethora of blood work I showed strong antibodies for the Epstein-Barr virus. Everything else has looked relatively normal. My functional medicine doctor believes I had an enhanced immune response and now she believes I’m struggling with mast cell issues and histamine intolerance. Besides cardiac, I have nerve pain in my right leg, gastritis, palpitations, chest pain, costochondritis, and back pain. I am currently doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy in hopes of regaining my health but still feel quite a ways off from that.

I have only reported this to my doctors. They have denied or played down that it could be the vaccine. I have yet to fill out a VAERS form because I’ve been so focused on my healing journey.

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