Vax Injured

By David Menchinton | Kelowna, British Columbia | October 22, 2021

Full DISCLOSURE I took the vaccine to visit my family in Newfoundland and also to go back on cruise ships to work next year. Yesterday I had my second shot of Pfizer and within 2 hours the whole left side of my body went numb for 20 mins I couldn’t walk or pick up the remote because of the numbness of my hand. This morning I’ve had full on stomach cramps and diarrhea. My back feels like I feel off a roof. I WASNT go to take the vaccine But I felt i could travel without worry. The pain has been decreasing and I’m walking normal again. I ended up taken to hospital is an ambulance and I had suffered a stroke and then 2 days later in hospital i had a heart attack. I had several AKGs and 2 Cat scans which turned up nothing, I also a Ddimmer blood test and my levels were abnormally high. On my last day in hospital the doctor told me that they changed my diagnosis from vax injured to unknown and then she discharged me and told me not to question her or argue then she ran off.


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