Vax caused Heart Attack!

By Vanessa | Duncan, British Columbia | November 9, 2021

On May 3rd I hesitantly received the shot. I was given the MRNA Pfizer.
My hesitancy was based on the fact not enough testing had been done and there was far too much media pushing this shot. Ten days post vax I ended up in ER with a Heart Attack, Nstemi, Myocarditis, Heart Inflammation. It’s been referred to as all those things. I am not overweight. I am in good physical condition. I have never had a heart issue of any kind.

I’d done a very light workout the day before the reaction. In the morning I woke thinking I must be in terrible condition as my muscle aches were excruciating. At least I thought at the time they were purely muscle aches. I couldn’t even take a deep breath because my chest was sore. In the afternoon I told my partner if I’d not been to the gym the day before I’d think I had pneumonia or Covid. The ache was constant all day. At 4:30 PM I had a sudden sharp pain in the centre of my chest. My partner took me to hospital immediately. On arrival I was put on a Holter monitor, blood taken and ECG done. No medications were administered. The ER doctor said he thought nothing would come from the tests. His comment was, “Look at you, this doesn’t make sense.”

Exactly an hour and a half after the chest pain started it totally disappeared as did the muscle aches. Every ache was GONE! By then the test results were back. I almost marched into the room and lightly said to the same ER doctor, “I’m fine right?”. His very solemn response “no you’re not fine at all. Your troponin levels are off the chart and that says HEART ATTACK”. I questioned the diagnosis because I was in shock but so was the doctor. None of this made sense. I have never had any heart issues.

I spent 4 days in hospital monitored 24/7 and had no abnormal signs. On day 4 I was sent for an angiogram which showed nothing except a perfectly normal, healthy, functioning heart. Two weeks later a cardiac MRI also showed nothing. I am now trying to get a formal vaccine exemption. One specialist agreed this was vax related. My GP says ABSOLUTELY NOT! I feel I was a guinea pig once and the test failed. I’d be a fool to try it again. It seems to me the exemption parameters are so small that most people who had adverse reactions don’t fit into them. Why is this shot is being mandated? It has caused adverse reactions for thousands. This injection is not doing the things they said it would. Everyone is still wearing masks, sanitizing and living in fear. We should all be fearful. Fearful for the real reason all of this is happening.

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