Vaccine linkage to hormones

By April | Midland, Ontario, Ontario | September 7, 2021

Hello my name is April, I live in Midland, Ontario. I myself have fought a long fight against the pressures of the vaccine. I have not received one dose to date, however, my step daughter who is a healthy 26 year old received her first dose and then got her menstrual cycle for 8 weeks, in which she was told from her GP that it was stress related. My best friend has had two instances, her 16 year old son got both vaccines and ended up at Hospital shortly after with severe chest pain, in which he was told again stress was the cause. Her herself, in menopause and has not had her cycle in almost 2 years, shortly after one dose had a heavy painful cycle. She her self went to her GP, who did apparently sided with her that it was vaccine related, but she is now undergoing tests. I strongly believe that this vaccine is linked to affecting hormones in some way. My step daughter is refusing the second one, my 16 year old daughter is refusing one, and I am refusing one. This is just the short of it in terms of people I know who are now suffering from vaccine regret.

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