Vaccine Effects and Regrets

By Lorna Wood | North Saanich, British Columbia | September 5, 2021

I got the Pfizer vaccine on May 9th and for a couple of days I was extremely exhausted, had a headache and could not sleep. I had very little soreness at the injection site.
For 2 weeks I experienced muscle and joint pain. I still have a swollen and itchy middle finger on the arm that got the vaccine; it has never changed in the almost 4 months since that one shot.
I have also had a cough since getting the vaccine. It does not get better

I will not get another vaccine. I regret getting that one. I see it as an act of cowardice and my inability to discover the truth for myself, even though I listened to a lot of scientists.

Almost on one can act against the barrage of incorrect information in the media.

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