Vaccine Damaged……….

By Linda Lapierre | Qualicum Beach, British Columbia | January 10, 2022

I had my first dose of Moderna in May of 2021. After an ambulance ride and an injection of epinephrine, I ended up in a busy, stressed out hospital in Nanaimo where my care was sporadic and very disorganized. I was sent home after four hours……which I was happy about because I did not feel safe. Forms filled out wrong etc.

I felt very strange for days after and with nausea so bad I couldn’t eat and was extremely dizzy, off balance and feeling weird. The nurse suggested I get a Covid test. I did…….it was negative.
All I could think of was it must be from my immediate allergic reaction!!!
My legs were weakened and it was hard to walk. Then pins and needles/numbing and tingling. Very scary. I still thought it was the reaction. I was referred to an immunologist who had a main goal of jabbing me with the vaccine for my second shot, in increments.
NO WAY. I told her clearly that when you can explain to me what went wrong; then and only then would I consider a jab.

I am still working on getting better without any interference involving the health care system. I still have ongoing neurological issues systemically. I need to protect myself now since they will not. Where are vaccine exemptions for people like me?????? I was told clearly that I didn’t come close enough to death to warrant an exemption, that they are extremely rare, and that I will not be getting one. Since when are vaccines safe for everyone??????

I am hoping to get to where I was previous to the vaccine. If I could turn the clock back…….I would never have had this shot!!!

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