Tried Being a Good Human

By Desiree Guillemin | Regina, Saskatchewan | October 27, 2022

Back in 2021 I decided to get my first vaccination, things were good, not feeling sick, no side effects. End of July 2021, I went and got my 2nd dose and that’s where life went downhill.
Woke up twice one night due to severe leg cramps, and went to the hospital after the 2nd one. They asked if I was vaccinated, made sure I wasn’t having a stroke, checked temperature, blood work galore, and had all the lovely tests done for the heart, then went back to the ER in October thinking maybe Covid.
Early in 2022 I started getting massages done and noticed I bruised very easily.
April 2022, I cramped up, went to the hospital, they were highly concerned for stroke this time, did all the same tests, asked about the Vx.
I’m struggling now with chronic pain and brain fog. Won’t be able t dance away at my wedding in Fall 2023.
I mentally am struggling due to pain and being uncomfortable, abd difficulties to work.
Here in Saskatchewan we have NO help with side affects of Covid Vx. Waiting to see my Neurologist and go from there.

All I wanted was to be a good citizen and help fight against Covid. It was not worth it. I still got Covid.

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