The vaccine that changed the course of my life

By Rebecca Brownell | Minden, Ontario | October 7, 2021

I was strongly encouraged by my doctor to get the flu vaccine 3 years ago . Because I see many clients as a Psychotherapist she suggested that it was my duty to keep others safe. Although I had never had a flu vaccine in the past, I trusted that they were good and harmless and had never heard of any negative side effects from others. Right after getting the shot I couldn’t raise my arm that received the shot. After a call to the doctor’s office I was assured that this was “normal” and that my body was responding appropriately. The following week I got Shingles. It was caught early with anti viral meds. The week following I woke up suddenly and was unable to get myself out of bed. I couldn’t move my arms or legs due to excruciating pain and my husband had to dress me. I thought I must be coming down with the flu ironically. 5 days later I still could hardly move so I went to the doc. I was diagnosed with poly myalgia rheumatica and/or rheumatic arthritis. From a healthy 50 yr old to a crippled victim within 2 weeks of my shot. When questioned my doctor said it had nothing to do with the vaccine. A year later I got shingles for the 2nd time. Today, 3 years later, I still have to go on rounds of prednisone to free up my body to move. Some days it takes me several minutes to sit and stand. If I could go back and stop myself from taking that shot I would in a heartbeat. I am a healthy weight, eat healthy foods, exercise and live in the country. I do all the right things for my health and this damn vaccine has robbed me from enjoying life as I used to. I am upset that I didn’t ask what was in the vaccine. Like so many others, today especially, I just trusted. I will never trust a vaccine again and try my best to educate others about the possible harms they can cause. Today I live with constant pain and uncertainty about when my body will flare up and paralyze me again.

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