Rib inflammation Costochondritis

By MONIKA KUCHARSKA | OKOTOKS, Alberta | October 27, 2022

I got my first dose of pfizer vaccine on Dec 3 2021. 3 days after I suffer from pain in my chest. I was worse when I was lying on my back or on the right side of my body, and I was trying to turn to the left side. I was stupid enough, not to go to emergency right away, but at that time I was alone with my 2 year old child at home (not thinking clearly). The pain was weird, not like strait from inside, but more like somewhere around my ribs.
The constant pain lasted several weeks, and was getting more intense. In addition, every few weeks I felt strong pain coming out from my ribcage, it felt like tearing the muscle from the bone. I also felt strong pain in my left arm, from my elbow to the top, and my whole arm felt very heavy.

After the second event I had that rapid pain I went to urgent care in Okotoks. After doctor did all the test he told me it was a rib inflammation (Costochondritis), and when I told him I got it after a shot he definitely denied it. He told me, I probably lifted some thing heavy, which is the most common reason for Costochondritis. Even when I told him I wasn’t lifting heavy things or hadn’t done anything what he also listed as causes, he still didn’t want to accept my suggestion it was after vaccine. He kept saying that Costochondritis is not on the list of adverse reactions.

I went home and suffered the pain for months.
I saw my family doctor who denied the injury too. When I asked for vax exemption, he told me it wasn’t possible, He didn’t even try.

I was scared to take the shot from the beginning. I took first shot only because my older daughter was suffering a lot because of lockdowns. She was very active girl before, swimming, marshal arts, dance, etc. every day of the week. All of a sudden she couldn’t practice any of her activities.

Not having taken the shot I was not allowed to attend any of the events she was in. My heart broke to pieces when I saw her crying, so I decided to take a shot.

The constant pain stopped around 3 months after the shot, but I feel weird pain in my chest and left hand once in a while until now. It’s not that strong, but definitely unpleasant, Also I feel my left hand/arm is weaker.
After my visit in Urgent care I started searching similar cases online I was surprised (or not) there was more people around the world with similar experience after pfizer.

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