Regret is a bitter pill

By Laura Kasner | Wadsworth, Ohio | October 27, 2022

I truly believed the lies that the shots would prevent me from contracting Covid. Even though I’m 63 and have asthma, I never believed I was at risk from dying. Everyone close to me who contracted Covid lost their sense of taste and smell. I struggled with this condition (anosmia) for many years. I was extremely depressed having this condition (I love to cook and eat!). After going to nine different ENT’s, I found a doctor who helped me. It terrified me thinking that I might lose those two senses again and never regain them.

When a dear friend, 12 years my junior and in much better physical condition than me (she’s my Pilates teacher) contracted Covid pneumonia after having had two shots, I said something is not right.

My education started with the FLCCC in October of 2021 (I got my two shots in March/April of 2021). I’ve been reading about 4 hours each and every day since then. The lies are horrifying. The stories, tragic. It’s only by the grace of God that I haven’t had any issues from these shots. One of my best friends lost her mother due to her booster shot in May of this year. I know so many people who are vax injured. Most have no idea what caused their health issues.

Gratefully, my twin sister and her family did not get the shots. It was not an issue for me because I believed it was a personal decision for everyone. However, our older twin brothers did not feel the same. Tragically, a once very close relationship with our brothers has ended. We are heartbroken. All we can do is pray that one day, they will wake up to all the lies.

I know my sister worries about my future health and that makes me extremely sad. I am grateful I do not need to worry about her and her family.

One blessing that has come out of all this – my sister and I are closer than we’ve ever been. Having someone that knows EXACTLY how you feel about the ending of a once very close sibling relationship has kept me sane in this insane world.

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