Regret for vaccines.

By Tina Short | Belleville, Ontario | May 18, 2022

I was against the vaccines from the moment the pandemic started. But in February of this year, I felt massive psychological tormenting pressure to get the shot. Pfizer the first time, when I got it, I felt something spread throughout my body and then the centre of my body heat up and then something rush to the top of my head. I started seeing things, my phone would act weird, there was constant ringing in my ears. I told myself I wasn’t going to get another one.

70 days later, I was going about my day when I felt the psychological torment come over me again. My body started to feel weird Nd I felt like I was fading. I got the second shot, Moderna, and wished I hadn’t. My toe and finger nails have stopped growing, my legs and arms feel tight and then sluggish which goes back and forth like this. My head doesn’t feel right either. I do not feel human anymore. I would strongly suggest no one take these shots.

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