Real not rare

By | , | July 19, 2022

I received the AstraZeneca vaccine on April 24 2021. In the days to follow I developed fever, chills, bone pain and swelling rash on arm at injection site Day 7 I developed a bleed on lower arm which followed by this earthquake like feeling in my head. This quickly turned into dizziness and a disassociation fog in my head. Pins and needles in my hands and feet that went up my arms and legs Hospital visits offered no explanation or treatment other than a diagnosis of anxiety and a referral to a psychiatrist who prescribed me antidepressants and benzodiazepines. I continued to develop more symptoms in the following weeks and months POTs fluctuating BP, head pressure and sinusitis. I started getting internal vibrations in my chest and tremors in my hand legs and head. I developed bruising and petechiae. Light and noise sensitivity, blurry vision and splinter hemorrhages under my nails, I developed extreme fatigue that left me in bed for 2 months I was seen by rheumatologist haematologist neurologist all leaving me with no answers rather asking why I was being referred to them. I was assessed by the cancov clinic who diagnosed me with functional neurological disorder. I started researching and found fb support groups where I found many like myself experiencing similar side effects. It is also here I found the flccc and found a doctor willing to treat me I started on ivermectin and other supplements. It took away a majority of my symptoms. I went from being a healthy active person to spending the last 15 months having to pace myself or find myself totally wiped out the next day. I can’t control temperature and get overheated fast and I am still dealing the bruising and petechiae. I had to wean myself off antidepressants and do a great deal of researching to find answers or any kind of therapies and treatments that could help. I have been gaslighted and ghosted and even told not to create vaccine hesitancy! I went thru stages of fear and abandonment to where I was given hope that the treatments I received could possibly turn things around for me. And for the first time I felt validated, believed. now i am left with the anger and judgment that has been cast at me as I try to take a stand and have a voice all while being unwell Our doctors are being investigated and losing their licenses all for standing behind the oath they took to first do no harm…. But we have been harmed by these so called safe and effective vaccines. Sorry I didn’t fit that narrative. I am real not rare. I hope we all have our voices heard.

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