Pfizer Jab Awakens Cancer In Remission

By | , | April 28, 2022

Colleen Brandse

First Dose of Pfizer on 06/07/21 Lot #EY0585

Second Dose of Pfizer on 06/28/21 Lot #EW0216

Ontario, Canada

54 yrs old

The only reason I got my vaccine was because my oncologist strongly encouraged me to get it. Even after I told her I was worried about it because of my immune cancer. I avoided it for 6 months because my gut said I wouldn’t fair well, and I was correct. Coincidentally, my oncologist quit her job shortly after…I wonder why?

2 weeks after 2nd Pfizer jabs, I developed neuropathy in left leg/foot. I had shooting electric shock like pains into toes, but now have pain in many areas of my body, including lung, chest, abdomen, and severe daily headaches. I have also developed a dangerous autoimmune clotting disorder called Hughes syndrome; however, I only know this because I’m a R.N., as I have tried to get diagnosed and treated by 2 hospitals, PTB regional/Sunnybrook, only to be turned away once they were aware it was vaccine related. I need brain aneurysm surgery, and I have had a history of a pulmonary embolism 25 years ago, so this is especially urgent…but I think they’re hoping I die to be honest. Less evidence that way. Malpractice to the highest degree!

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