Pfizer 1st Dose

By Heather Heide | Edmonton, Alberta | October 5, 2022

I am a 55 yr old healthy, and active female.
I have never had the flu shot and had only fallen into the narrative of Covid out of fear (to which now I know better).

In May of 2021, I had my first Pfizer shot.

Within an hour, I had severe pins and needles (sparks) shooting through my entire body, primarily through all four limbs.

I phoned the hospital, and they said that it’s best not to come in if I can breathe.

My symptoms over the next few days were tingly hands (up to the elbow) & feet (up to the knee) and, at least two limbs at a time felt utterly asleep when I would wake up in the morning (this went on for months), with on occasion, my hands and forearms going completely numb.
My family doctor could not see me.
I was able to get into a naturopath who started flushing my body (this went on for four months).

Two specialists (outside of scheduled appointments) said my symptoms were similar to GBS.

Fast forward, I finally saw a neurologist, only to be shocked that it was an 8-minute phone call with his first words being, “what do you want from me.”
I saw an Infectious disease specialist who took all of my information and symptoms, only to tell me two weeks later that my case was not ‘reportable.’

I think I’m better now, but I have no idea what my future holds.

I genuinely believe that if it were not for my naturopath flushing my system, I would have permanent symptoms.

I know my story is not as severe as others, but I felt alone and unheard – now, with other stories out there – I know that I’m not, and I want to help fight against these experimental drugs.


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