Over a year later, still recovering from Moderna and the nerve damage

By Henry Hamilton | Cranbrook, British Columbia | October 19, 2022

Sept 16 2021 I took the second dose of the vaccine. Both shots were Moderna administered locally. Roughly two week later I began to feel pain in my arms, internal pains. I been a blacksmith for over twelve years and although it was some time ago I was professionally in the field, I knew what sore muscles felt like. I dismissed it as an aging thing and kept going on with my routines (very low stress work). The pain mounted and within a month I lost capacity in my right arm, my neck was sore and I couldn’t sleep comfortably on my back. Went to my doctor and he ran tests. I was determined to be quite healthy. (I have never drank, did drugs or smoked, ever) It was determined to be a nerve problem. Extensive x-rays were done and I went to physiotherapy and chiropractor to give myself an increased chance at mobility. At the worst I could not even pick up my coffee cup and could raise my arm above my waist. The specialist at the physiotherapy determined the nerve damage but he was unsure how to progress because the situation was non-typical. We rescheduled with their senior staff member of twenty years in the practice. His words were, “Hery, you are older than me and healthier than me, and this nerve problem isn’t making sense.” He determined the problem was a minimum of two or possibly three areas not specific to each other. It wasn’t a problem that simply passed along the bad situation to the next area as the root cause, but the fallout of each situation was causing secondary problems. He was a bit baffled why or how the injured nerves developed in this fashion. Bloodwork was done. Nothing. I even went in for a breathing test. Nothing. I continued on the basic range of motion routines that physio had set up for me and continued with the chiropractor who scaffolded off the physiotherapist until they finally established my muscles to settle down and give me some range of motion. The pain finally subsided. Recovery was finally well under way 6 months later after the incident and I was regaining strength and mobility. I could now lift about about a 2 pound weight without feeling the throbbing. Then a new problem arose. I was doing routine stretches to stay limber, and on half of the back of my left hand, while doing an arm-hand stretch it felt like the nerves simply ripped. The pain was off the chart, it felt like somebody had stabbed a knife through my hand. My hand at this time feel like I have a massive callus on the back of it where I have no feeling in it. Within a week of that incident the same thing happened on my left leg front thigh. I felt a tearing and could only describe it as the nerves going berserk. I now have an ongoing issue with my left front thigh where it always feels cold. I had to keep reaching down to feel it with my hand some day because it was as if somebody had put a bag of ice on it and it felt like it was freezing. When I touched it with my hand, my hand felt warmth. Needless to say my body is slowly recovering, by I will lose permanent sensation in my body for this. I can sleep on my back now, but I can’t sleep on the one leg for more than 20 minutes before it wakes me up from the pain. It’s over a year later and I’m still dealing with this mess. I am due to the specialist at Kelowna in November 2022.

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