Ongoing Story of Life in the Balance Since 2nd Dose of Moderna

By Dave Knight | Port Perry, Ontario | February 16, 2022

2nd dose July 9, 2021.
Palpitations started within 24 hours.
A week later – short/severe dizzy spell, palpitations continued off and on through August plus right eye pain (eye doctor subsequently found no eye related issues) ,
2nd severe/short dizzy spell Sept. 10, shimmering in right eye on Sept. 13, then low heart rate event Sept. 22 (in low 40s for a couple hours). Dr appt by phone with GP on Sept 24 to set up appt with cardiologist.
Had a TIA on Oct 4, 8:15 am – admitted to Oshawa General for tests including blood tests, CT scan/ECG and released with blood thinners. nothing of significance found in tests conducted.
Appt with cardiologist by phone Oct 6. He called the vaccine shot a coincidence. Had a call with GP Oct 7 to set up appointment with new cardiologist and for test reqs for other tests. Tests in Lindsay Ont on Oct 18 (stress and 48 hour holter) – no issues found). Periodic low heart rate events on going (low 40s).
Appointment with neurologist Nov. 5 – ordered MRI (head) and two week holter.
Echocardiogram Nov. 9 – no issues. MRI Nov. 11 – some indications in vessels in brain.- referred to another neurologist and still waiting (3.5 months) for appointment FEB. 25 (by phone)
Wore holter for two weeks end of November. Met with new cardiologist Dec 6 – did not recommend pacemaker (I had had a good run of 10 days with no low heart rate event). CArdiologist asked how/when it started and I told him about 2nd vax on July 9 – he nodded and said “it should have dissipated by now” Low heart rate events then began again two days after appointment and began increasing in frequency, duration and progressively lower heart rates – to low 30s. Met with GP on Dec. 22 – he expressed concern and sent messages to cardiologist. Went to cardiologist Jan 14 to obtain two week holter. Heart rate condition continued to deteriorate and in low 30s.
Took monitor off on Jan 25 and returned it. Saw cardiologist Jan 28. Again said no to requirement for a pacemaker again, said there was nothing he could do and go back to GP to look for non-cardiac causes.
GP ordered blood tests and a CT scan of trunk, and made appointment with internist in Lindsay. Internist ordered more blood tests , sent reqs for me to wear a Blood pressure monitor and for angiogram. Blood tests all normal, CTScan later this week and still waiting on dates for BP monitor and angiogram.
Heart rate dipped today to 28bpm for a time for first time

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