Never again!

By Martha Forrest | Scugog, Ontario | March 31, 2022

I was in really good health until I got two Pfizer jabs. Now I have a variety of auto immune problems that range from psoriasis, spinal jolts that feel like an electric shock going down my spinal column, and severe extremity spasms that come and go. I get swollen neck glands that make swallowing difficult. I now also have an ongoing vocal tic that is both annoying and embarrassing. I get unexplained rashes, blood-red swollen eyes, sudden severe asthma attacks, and my fingernails have developed these weird horizontal ridges. My whole life has been turned upside down and my doctor claims “The vaccine doesn’t cause things like that.” I think most family doctors are part of a big cover-up, OR, they’re too scared to report anything. Needless to say I will not be getting any boosters. I’ll take my chances with COVID. That’s if it even exists. I’m wondering if this wasn’t just a colossal money grab for the drug companies and a good way for our government to control us. This whole thing is disgusting. In the end, more people will die of the vaccines than Covid. Mark my words.

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