My freedom my choice

By Ann Sumner | Tees, Alberta | December 2, 2021

My 76 year old dad hasn’t been the same since he got the jab. He has ages 10 years. The doc gave him vitamin B shots, which seems endless and didn’t help him. And has been to the hospital with unexplained stomach problems. Nonetheless I work in health care and to save my job I would have taken it, except my best friend died 1 week after getting the first jab. Now my youngest brother is in hospital, he had a brain bleed and 3 surgeries later he is basically a vegetable. So yes I am not going to take this jab. I would like some help saving my job. Also prevent these monsters from touching my kids. I have been researching and listening to unbiased scientists and doctors for months. I know what these politicians and one world order is doing and it is time we STOPPED THEM NOW!

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