My father died just 6 days after his first shot

By Bill Woollam | Duncan, British Columbia | October 2, 2021

My father was injected with his first mRNA dose on May 2nd, 2021. He started to go into some kind of reaction while on a plane flight leaving Victoria, BC, on May 6th. That night he slept in a hotel in Toronto. Next day May 7th, he flew the final leg to Newfoundland. He died on May 8th, one day after arriving in Newfoundland. I filled out the Vaccine Adverse Event Report at the local Duncan Health Clinic, where I submitted information and answered many questions regarding his particular death after vaccination. The Health officer filed the report, and called me back two days later to inform me that ‘Yes, your father’s death does fit the requirements and protocol of a Vaccine Adverse Event”.


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