My experience with Pfizer

By Alex | Sudbury, Ontario | November 2, 2022

Very healthy, active 35 yr old father of 3, was hesitant to get the shots because I had a very uneasy feeling about how fast the vaccine was developed and tested, so I waited until they made it mandatory to travel, and was pressured endlessly by family because we had a family vacation planned….
So I got the 1st dose in mid October 2021, and the 2nd end of November 2021, didnt feel either needle, my arm didnt even hurt the next day, no other side effects (unlike 2 of my best friends who were basically bed ridden for 2 days)
5 days after my 2nd dose of Pfizer, I started having chest tightness on my left side, the next day it was pain and tighter, every day was getting worse until on day 9 my left arm hurt so bad I couldn’t lift it, this was on a Sunday, and I told myself if it was worse on Monday I would go to Hospital….
Luckily I woke up on day 10 with no arm pain but chest/heart was still sore, slowly got better over time, until a month out from 2nd dose I was fully recovered….
I still get random bouts of chest/heart tightness/pain

Side bar:
A coworkers healthy 23 yr old son got major blood clots in his legs, and was hospitalized, in early January 2022, after getting his Moderna booster before Christmas

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