My Daughter’s Stroke

By Laurie Unruh | Brandon, Manitoba | January 12, 2023

My 40 year old daughter, who has MS, and I listened to all the fear mongering by the PM. As a mom and her caregiver I worried that if she got covid it could kill her. Well my worst fears happened, not because we were not unvaccinated but because we were vaccinated. My daughter was mobile and living life without any MS drugs. On the 29th of October 2022 I went to her bedroom at 1115 am. I found her unresponsive which I got her out of bed and started to the stairs. We live in a bilevel, 7 stairs each level. Around the 4th stair up she totally collapsed and I tired to carry her up the rest of the stairs to get to the phone. At the hospital I was told she would be going to Winnipeg as she had a massive stroke. The neurologist told me he believed something had broken away from her heart. This cause her right carotid artery to completely be blocked and an dissection in the left carotid artery. She is now in hospital and now is able to talk but might never walk again. I can’t sleep and if I do its a short time
I feel guilty for trying to keep her safe. To watch her everyday I cry inside, seeing her struggle. The drug companies knew the dangers or else why would they cover up the adverse damages their drugs made. My family was not able to make a informed decision because of this hidden information. I have heard that MS patients are declined any compensation. Are they saying MS patients can’t have adverse reactions because they have MS, capital BS. its been over 2 months now and I feel guilty, shocked, angry, can’t sleep, cry alot and dealing with back muscles pulled from carrying her up stairs. The lies almost cost my daughters life. She is still at high risk of having another stroke. My wish is for my daughter to come home and for the truth to come out. Thank you for reading my story I hope it helps someone.


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