Multiple symptom adverse reaction

By Melissa | Prince George, British Columbia | October 5, 2022

My company mandated the vaccine and I had until January 31, 2022 to be vaccinated or else I would be put on unpaid leave. I took the vaccine on January 31 (I took the Johnson and Johnson vaccine) and within 10 minutes I had an adverse reaction. While sitting in the waiting room for the 15 minutes that I was suppose to, I experienced a terrible pain behind my right eye and my vision went blurry. My heart felt like it stopped beating and I did not feel right. When I stood up to go tell the receptionist that I wasn’t feeling okay I immediately fell to the ground and hit my head off of the chair in front of me. I woke up after being unconscious for 7 minutes to a whole bunch of nurses by my side and when I finally regained consciousness my head was killing me and my eye was still hurting and blurry. They called paramedics because it was their protocol and would not let me leave without going to the hospital first; I agreed as I was not feeling well after this incident. While we were waiting for the paramedics for 3 hours I started to feel severe chest pain and told the nurse. She called the paramedics again and once she told them that I had chest pain they were there within 5-10 minutes. They took me to the hospital and the one paramedic noticed a rash on my chest. At the hospital I waited 6 hours and they did blood tests and a test on my heart and the ER doctor told me everything was clear and that I just fainted because I was afraid of needles (not true at all). When I told him that the only reason I got up in the first place was because of the terrible pain behind my right eye and my whole body feeling still he said it was nothing, but I pushed and he reluctantly did a CT scan on my head. Apparently, it came back clear and he seemed very annoyed and handed me a print out of vasovagal syncope (fainting) which I thought was pretty condescending. Two days later, I had what I now know was a suddenly eruption of cherry angiomas all over my torso and I still had low blood pressure and was shakey and felt like I was going to faint all the time. When I went to a walk in clinic as advised by a nurse the doctors didn’t even check my blood pressure and told me the spots on my torso were liver spots and that I probably always had them (I did not have them previously). I left the doctors office with no answers and a feeling of wasted time. I went to another walk in clinic a month later as I was still experiencing low blood pressure and feeling faint all the time and that doctor did not check anything either and just sent me for an x ray because I was still experiencing bad chest pain as well. The x ray showed that my lymph nodes were very swollen. To this day, I still have no answer to my low blood pressure, cherry angiomas or chest pain which I still have. Moreover, my menstrual cycle has been completed messed up. I have been regular my whole and right after the vaccine I got my period off schedule and then did not get it for 3 months, got it again in May and haven’t gotten it since. I’m now looking at if the vaccine triggered menopause, although I am still young but the tests came back negative for menopause. This vaccine has ruined my life and I have no answers for all of the things that I have experienced. As soon as I said Covid vaccine to any doctor I could see that they immediately shut down and wanted nothing to do with me. I have never been so ashamed of healthcare here in Canada as I am now. I was very against getting this vaccine but was coerced into it by my employer. I knew that these vaccines were not vaccines and that the clinical trials were laughable but with 3 children and a mortgage to pay I had no choice. The mental anguish and stress that all of this has caused is immeasurable. Governments and companies need to be held accountable for the harm that they have caused with mandates and these so called vaccines that are very harmful. I am pretty sure after heading multiple testimonials from strike survivors that I had a minor stroke or TIA that day but with delayed medical care was not seen.

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