Moderna shots almost killed me

By Nancy E | Dunsford, Ontario | February 8, 2022

July 20, 2021 – vax #1 Moderna
– Was in excellent health prior to this
– immediate reaction faint, nauseas, dizzy, racing heart
– passed after a half hour
– seemed fine afterwards
– live blood analysis did not reveal anything unusual (I do this for a living)

Sept 20, 2021 – vax #2 Moderna
– lab testing week before all great, went into it feeling very healthy
– within 24 hours all went south
– fever, aches, pains, migraines, loss of appetite, fatigue for 3 weeks spent most of time in bed
– week 2 progressively worse
– migraine for 2.5 months 24/7
– right flank ache/pain over liver
– chest pain, around my heart in 3 spots felt like a hot poker going through my heart
– hard to breathe
– stabbing pain behind right eye with uncontrollable muscle twitching for months
– ringing in the ears (ongoing)
– left ovary pain
– severe hair loss lasted months
– brain fog
– fatigue
– joint pain
– depression (because my government tried to kill me)

I knew within a week something horrible was happening. I felt like I was dying. Terrified I refused to go to the hospital I as don’t trust them. They were the ones who injected me with the poison convincing me it was safe.

I figured I was on my own and had to deal with it or die.

I am a holistic practitioner and specialize in live blood cell analysis for over 21 years. I reviewed my blood picture and was horrified by what I discovered. I cried.
Most toxic blood I ever witnessed.

I contacted Dr. Robert O. Young. Shared my story. He told me I had radiation poisoning and provided some reading materials.

Consulted with my mentor, who reviewed my blood with me and was surprised I was still alive. Yes, it looked that bad.

No surprise, my medical doctor dismissed me. Tried to convince me had nothing to do with vax. I demanded testing which I got – but months later. Nothing but elevated liver enzymes and inflammation, platelets abnormal. Only I was far from normal or healthy.

But, nonetheless MD said all was fine. She refused to report my injury. Told me it was my responsiblity.

I have spent thousands of dollars and many months working on detoxing. Slow go but it is helping. My blood picture is looking much better but still have bizarre unnatural substances in my blood. Looks like hydrogels and they multiply damage DNA. I am still working on that. Many symptoms have improved, some lingering.

It’s been quite a rollercoaster ride discovering the graphene oxide, nanoparticles, crystalized blood, clotting, hydrogels, parasites etc in my blood. Especially after spending 25 years working on my health after a cancer diagnosis.

But I do believe the universe has a plan. It’s time to start the healing process for us all while we continue to fight the evil in this world.


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