Knee and Eye injury

By Sharon | Grande Prairie, Alberta | November 12, 2021

Immediately after receiving the shot, my fingers on my left hand started to twitch. I assumed that the pharmacist had hit a nerve during the injection.
After 20 minutes, my neck had a burning sensation and again, I had attributed it to perhaps a nerve being hit.
That night, my knee started to bother me. It has never bothered me before.
I ignored it:) until I couldn’t. Within two weeks I was unable to move my knee. It felt that there was water sloshing around.
I couldn’t get into my family doctor, so I went to emergency.
The doctor said that this was definitely a rheumatoid arthritis flare up…(which I had never been diagnosed with). He drained over 65cc’s of fluid from my knee. My lab results came back with only a slight elevated inflammatory count.
No markers showed elevated for arthritis…because I don’t have it.
My partner also received an injection at the same time, and within a very short time. He suffered significant haemorrhaging in his left eye, which he has never had an issue with either.
The significance of it was so severe that he had to have emergency surgery. Twice.
He had not injured as I nor had any blows to the head and it was unexplainable by two different ophthalmologists.
This is not a vaccine.

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