By Ruth Naundorf | Sherwood park, Alberta | December 22, 2022

I am 68 years old have always been healthy. I had a physical in March 2021 everything was good kidney function normal. On April 21st 2021 I had a Moderna shot. Within weeks I had lost weight my skin turned brown and I had no energy. On June 16th I had bloodwork for something else and was kidney function was at 7 percent. I was admitted to hospital with Acute kidney injury. I had no injury except for the shot. I am now facing dialysis for the rest of my life. No transplant because I won’t get 4 covid shots. I life has changed drastically. I am left with no answers after two biopsies and no one believes me. I have gotten severely depressed and at one point didn’t want to live anymore. My life is ruined. So many things I can’t enjoy anymore.

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