By Randy | Prince George, British Columbia | July 6, 2022

Due to pressure from my doctor and family, I fu@ked up and got the jab. The first jab I was very sick for about 5 days, 3 were in bed. I really don’t want the second jab now, but…… Pressure, work, dr, wife, daughter!!!! Second jab I felt a warm sensation in my right side. Strange taste in mouth, burning sensation in my ear, and right leg and hand. Everyone I talked to about this laughed. I was sick beyond belief again for another 5 days. The burning sensation has never left, (my dr is trying Physio for this?!?!), I have chronic headaches, puke daily, feel like shit, no appetite, runny nose, now I have high blood pressure (suddenly!), and hard to breathe, always short of breath. Absolutely terrible the way I have been treated by the doctors in my clinic. They laugh in my face.

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