In Remembrance of Jolene Topham Kolenosky. February 19, 1982 – October 17, 2021.

By Cheryl Topham | Prince Albert, Saskatchewan | January 6, 2022

My daughter, Jolene Topham – Kolenosky, took her 1st pfizer shot on Oct. 12/13th (some issues with the date) and died on Oct. 17th, 2021. Jolene was 39 and left behind 4 children and 1 stepchild. I did not know she had taken the shot until I was in the ICU. Her friend messaged me and I told the Dr. He quickly dismissed the information. Her death was quick and disturbing. I have problems processing the last 2 hours. By day 2 after the injection she was chilled and aching. By day 3 Jolene had severe abdominal pain and diarrhea. On Sunday October 17th, she tried to get out of bed in the morning and her legs gave out. She collapsed on the kitchen floor and an ambulance was called. I went to the hospital and had to wait as she was transferred to ICU. I knew something was horribly wrong because she was having a hard time to breathe. Her skin was mottled and blue. Her eyes had blood pinpoints and she stared at me, terrified. I trusted that the ICU staff were helping her. The Dr. was present for like 5 minutes or less. My daughters heart stopped twice – she had vomited and aspirated. Jolene was on her back with her wrists restrained. I reported the injury/death to the pharmacy and ensured the proper report was filed. No help from the Dr. I was told she had sepsis! A blood infection that took her life. Shut down all her organs!!! I will never stop telling my story and will continue to go to any length for justice. SHA ignoring me. I was also told by the pharmacy that there is a video of my daughter getting her injection. However, quickly told I would need a lawyer before I can take a look. So, 1 pharmacist tells me I can watch and the next quickly said I would have to get a lawyer. I already have them on no informed consent but also want to hear the questions my girl would have asked. I know she would have been afraid! She took the shot to be able to celebrate her 40th in Jamaica. She only told 2 friends! I am afraid, at times, going up against the big guys, but they are all corrupt! Family members don’t want me to look into anything. However, as I type this out, Jolene’s Urn is right beside me. My beautiful girl, gone! On Thanksgiving, Jolene made a wonderful meal and did her usual photo shoot of the kids. A week later I am in the hospital watching my girl die! I am facing huge barriers and isolation from people that I assumed were friends. However, I will never stop!

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