Immune system reacts to vaccines and no doctors want to connect

By Grace Pryzner | Ste.Anne, Manitoba | December 1, 2022

I have been having issues with my legs and feet. I now have my feet and thighs that are swelling and now the swelling in my feet is one foot or the other and both feet swelling at same time. Went to hospital over a week ago as it was not going away and my thigh was also swelling. It hurt my thigh to stand or even sit. Couple times could hardly bare weight on my leg. Started with the right and went away in 8 hours as finally the pain subsided enough to fall asleep. After a good sleep I woke up and swelling and pain where gone. Week later was my leg thigh and foot swelled and lasted for over 48 hours and went to emergency. Now my feet are swelling on one or the other and sometimes noth and swelling will not go away In my feet.
I do have slight spinal stenosis and mild Oesteoarthritis in t4,5 and 6 but I believe this is due to the 2 vaccines one Moderna and one phizer.

Want to say thank you for all you are doing to fight against and get the truth out to the public, although still way to many sheep and are not open to the truth. Am grateful that some people are fighting back and you have my full support.


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