I’m Sorry

By Janet H | Kamloops, British Columbia | May 19, 2022

I have had two Pfizer and a Moderna booster. These were voluntary, and that is the source of my distress. I feel that my willingness to do what I thought was the right thing makes me complicit in how it has now emboldened our provincial and Canadian federal governments to pressure and threaten my fellow community members and Canadians. If we had all resisted instead of being manipulated through fear, we might have been able to avoid seeing our family members and neighbours losing their jobs. I will not get any more jabs, and I regret trusting the authorities on this. Now, I speak out against coercion, make calls to MLAs / MPs, and attend freedom rallies. I don’t know if I will have any physical damage from these injections, but I definitely have psychological pain from watching how this has all unfolded and destroyed so many families.

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