I caved in to get the vaccination

By Erica | Kelowna, British Columbia | February 21, 2022

I received my second vaccine Jan. 14, 2022, that evening I was laying in bed I was in alot of excruciating pain all over my stomach every time I tried to breathe or even move into a different position, eventually it tapered away, I didn’t get alot of sleep that night.. Jan 15, 2022 I was at work and I felt a tingling on the left side of my tongue and then a red hot stinging pain up my upper lip to side of my nose, few hrs it lasted I took 3 antihistamines 5 mg eventually it went away, it was very mysterious.. now Feb. 13, 2022 I’m noticing constant nose drip when bending forward and a constant sore throat I feel fine aside, I was talking with my daughter and she mentioned to me to write,to you about these weird side affects that I have noticed..
Then there is my husband and he’s got major scar tissue on his lungs, and constantly has walking phenomena and is on inhalers..


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