I awoke in hell, not that I could see

By J.L. Francey | Toronto, Ontario | November 10, 2022

So it all started with coercion, in a country where coercion is unconstitutional, on a planet where coercion for vaccines is a crime against humanity.
I was no longer a person in Canada.
The day after the Pfizer vaccine, I awoke, my eyes blinded by light, my hands , face and feet numb, but buzzing, everything in me was vibrating. As the days went on, all of my joints swelled painfully… But compared to what I was in for, this was mild.
As the months wore on, I could tell j had encephalitis. Brain freeze was ecstasy. My sinuses were pushed down, my eyes were being pushed out. The screaming pain was unbearable. And terrifying. I felt many times like my brain was breaking, and truly, it was. By August, 8 months later, I couldn’t understand the purpose of a grocery store, and I was on one at the time.
As the swelling finally went down, my neck, strained for months by swelling, seemed unable to support my head. I was in agony. And still, I could not feel my hands, still they were weak.
The nerves on my head burned like fire, the veins on my head were swollen.
I am so angry. I have lost all trust. In government. In health authorise, even in the media
Canadians are constitutional protected against mandates. And they are globally a crime against humanity

What the hell happened to bioethics and human rights?


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