Help my Dad

By Janine Morgan | Grande Prairie, Alberta | October 27, 2022

Hello, this is my dad’s story. I did not get jabbed but my parents did in March and June 2021. In late June they left for vacation in BC for 2 plus months. Shortly after their arrival, while visiting my Uncle, his dog, who is not vicious but excited to see people, greeted my dad and inadvertently bit his hand. The skin was broken. He cleaned it thoroughly with peroxide and thought it was done. His hand swelled up, up to his shoulder and was so swollen it was almost useless. His legs, the hamstrings at the back of his legs became extremely sore. He forced himself to walk for 30 minutes every day. He saw a doctor and blood work was done. His iron levels were a bit down and was given an antibiotic for the dog bite even though there was no sign of infection but the swelling would no go down. He visited that local clinic at least 3 times and more blood work was done to the point they sent his blood to a larger center for further testing.
I do not know any of the results, and the last set for further testing the results would be available after they were home and to this day I do not know if the results are known.
His entire vacation he could not ride his bike due to the swelling of his hand and arm, it was very uncomfortable and he had difficulty sleeping at night as stabbing pains were occurring.
Once home in Sept 2021 he went to his doctor and more blood tests were done, at least 2 more, then a referral to an oncologist as his doctor thought they may be looking at leukemia. The specialist studied his records and ruled this out and no further tests were done.
In between while home in July for a family wedding he saw another doctor about the swollen hand, had x rays and was diagnosed as arthritis. What I know about arthritis is it can be painful and swelling is normal but his hand was so swollen he could not bend his fingers to hold a cup.
Once home in either September or October he got a flu shot. The first ever for him and I do not know why he thought he should do this. He was 79 at the time. I then found out he got the booster in December. Shortly after that a small patch of either eczema or psoriasis on his shoulder, which usually flares up when we get a cold dry spell of winter weather here in northern Alberta. This has since flared up and is on both shoulders and down his spine. They look like little red dots which he said when flared up they resemble a pimple. These wake him in the night and he said it feels like thumbtacks are being pushed into his back.
He’s been to a dermatologist and was diagnosed as eczema and given a prescription cream which helps but it has not gone away.
On Monday October 24 I witnessed him double over in pain about 6 times in 5 minutes as this “thumbtack” feeling came over him. I could see the pain in his face. He said that day it started at 5 am and around 10 am stopped for awhile, and I witnessed this around 4 pm.
In August 2021 I told him his hand and legs could be the result of the jabs and the dog bite accelerated everything. He did not believe me .
The swelling of his hand was so bad that he still thought he could handle driving home but my mom thought otherwise and we flew to Kelowna a week after we got home and we brought them and their truck and 5th wheel home.
To this day it’s the elephant in the room, this virus and all the lies have divided my family. It’s a conversation that cannot happen as most of my family still tunes in to the lying media.
I have one sister who is awake and we are trying to get our parents to see the truth.
I watched the Grande Prairie event with Dr. Hoffe and Dr. Malthouse as I was not able to attend in person. I am asking for help for my Dad. I tried to find the SOS Canada Grande Prairie Group, possibly that lady left her contact information as I want to reach out.
I would like to get some Ivermectin for him but that’s almost impossible thanks to the corrupt medical system.
Please advise, thank you

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