Had no choice but to take it. Regretting it now.

By Elisabeth Jackson | Cochrane, Alberta | December 2, 2021

I had covid back in November. Virtually no symptoms other than a bit tired.

Was basically forced into finally taking the vaccine or I would lose my job.
First vaccine I didn’t feel great, but main issue was with problems with my period. I hoped it was a fluke and would be short term.
4 weeks later I got my second dose and again. Worst pain I’ve experienced monthly and completely abnormal.

So far this has not improved. I have started developing random chest pains too which I thought was odd.
When I notified the woman giving me my second dose, I told her of my side effects to the first one which she said was “weird” and that she “had never heard of that before” completely brushed it off.

I have come to learn I am by far the only one complaining of this.

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