Got it so I could help family.

By Derek | Nanaimo, British Columbia | October 27, 2022

I was hesitant to get the vax. Felt that we weren’t getting the information to make an informed decision. However I have some much younger siblings in another province who I am guardian of if something happens to my family, and I receive a call from my father stating his partner is in hospital with covid on a respirator, and he has it as well and possibly needs to go into hospital as his oxygen levels are dropping. This is at the time that our PM made it mandatory to get atleast the first vaccine to fly. So as it is a 2 day drive I decide screw it I’ll get my first dose.
I go in to get the first dose on a Tuesday.
Within four hours I have a fever and am feeling unwell. I figure this is just the normal side effects they mentioned (fever, chills,. Fatigue etc)
The next 3 days I am I am sicker than I have ever been in my life. Fever running from 103 to 105, waking up shaking uncontrollably from feeling cold, etc. Did my best to power through it and still go to work. Thursday night I wake up and my chest is hurting above and beyond being sick, so my partner calls the nurse holiness and they tell her to get me to the hospital ASAP.
I get to the hospital and run a bunch of blood work and do an ecg.
When the Dr comes in he informed me that I will be staying in the hospital in the cardiac ward.

While in hospital I have 2 mri (whole body then heart) , 1 ultra sound 1 ct scan, and approx 10 more ECG and blood tests several times a day I am also hooked u to a heart monitor, and on iv (sailine)
I have several specialists come and check in while I am there as apparently I am a special case with the vax.

5 days later I am starting to feel somewhat better
But kept one more day so I can have the last mri in a timely fashion.

Diagnosis is I have myocarditus, and now have a heart arythmia.

This was in September of 2021 and a year later I still cannot even mow my lawn without having to do it over the course of 3 days, and have had to go to the urgent care numerous times regarding my heart since.

I have 3 different letters from drs with more letters after their names than letters in their names, stating do not get subsoquent doses. With these i applied for an exemption in BC so I could partake in society during the vax passport days, and did not receive it. I would apply for the vaccine injury program canada set up however it appears that it’s set up to do everything but help those that are injured

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