Going blind with no reason why?

By Charidee | Lloydminster, Alberta | December 2, 2021

I had my first vaccine in May I was incredibly sick after getting it. In and out of hospital… I would cough till I passed out. I was told that my body was fighting the vaccine and I had caught a viral infection. It was seriously the sickest I have ever been in my life. It took everything in me to get out of bed. One night I was trying to breathe between coughing fits. And fainted and smacked my head on the toilet. My son thought I had died and called the ambulance. Was put in the hospital that time for a week and on different kinds of steroids. I had missed 3 weeks of work. Finally was feeling better. Over the next few days I suffered the worst headaches of my life. … I noticed that my vision was affected… made an appointment with my eye dr. Where I was told that I had lots 60% of the vision in my left eye. I instantly had my license taken from me. Which was fine seeing I couldn’t see. I was sent to a specialist where I was told he figured there was a connection to me getting the vaccine… he told me I was the 5th patient he had seen that this had happened to after getting the moderna shot. Fast forward to now. I’ve been sent for CT scans and MRI’s and it has now progressed into my right eye and I’ve lost about 20-% of vision in that eye now too. I go for another MRI on the 25th. Still no answers. I’ve been off work and have now used ALL of my sick benefits and I still can’t see. The headaches are worse and more frequent. This is not a fun way to live life. And I regret getting the vaccine. I was 100% healthy before getting the vaccine and wishing I hadn’t ever given in. 37 years old and going blind in both eyes and it’s a medical mystery? I know the root of it. And the government forced me to get it done.

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