forced to vax with severe ongoing reactions

By mark abramyk | Kelowna, British Columbia | October 5, 2022

im a non vaxor and was forced to get my shot via work…..1st pfiser shot started getting leg cramps 10ish days after….didn’t think anything of it….legs cramps worsened got my 2nd Pfizer shot over a month later…..a week or so after that couldn’t
walk at all on my right leg….calf was hard as a rock…..was sent into hospital from work where they diagnosed me with a huge blood clot in my right calf leg….went back to hospital for further testing next day where they found more blood clots in my lungs….since then I’ve been suffering with multiple health issues….severe brain fog…severe stiff neck..confusion intense body stiffness and energy nausea irritability….hard to function at all with daily tasks and there is more symptoms but I’m keeping this short as i can…

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