Dr. Sidelined From Mandated Shot.

By Alexandra Pantellios | N.Y, Ontario | January 10, 2022

I am a Physician Assistant practising in NY. I took the vaccine because it was mandated, the vaccine or my job. I have in and took it the night the mandate took effect. About 2 days after the vaccine I experienced a stabbing pain on the inside of my left knee. But other than that I felt fine. Very little side effects. About 2 weeks after the vaccine I started to notice a mottled appearance, almost bruised, on my lower legs. I showed one of my doctors at work and he blew it off as “varicose veins”. One day after work my legs looked as though they were used as a punching bag and I had pain in my left knee. I went to the urgent care and was told I must have hurt my knee. When I asked how that explained the mottling on both legs he had no answer. He ordered blood work and a venous duplex to rule out clots and after all were normal he said it was an allergic reaction. About 2 wks after that, 1 month after the vaccine, the pain in my legs started. At the end of the day I felt as if I had done a heavy workout. I had stiffness and pain from my thighs to the bottoms of my feet. Soft tissue, muscle and connective tissue pain. The pain would wake me up. Sometimes in my knee, then my heels or thighs. Thankfully my PCP acknowledged this was from the vaccine. He put me on a 1 week course of steroids and I immediately had relief. Now I get a twinge of pain here and there, but nothing like what it was except if I exert myself. About 1 week ago after dancing at a friend’s wedding I woke with severe pain in both knees. I was in tears. Even the slightest physical activity leaves me sore. I had a deep tissue massage and woke up in severe pain. All my labs have been normal thus far but I have to follow up with my MD for further testing.


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