Doctor lied about risks to get me to accept the jab then waited for me to die.

By Colin Boreham | 150 Mile House., British Columbia | October 5, 2022

I was very hesitant about the Covid-19 Vaccines as both my father and brother suffered severe strokes after their vaccinations in the UK.
I was under pressure from work to get vaccinated.
on 28th October 2021 I had a long conversation with my doctor about the Covid-19 vaccines and my concerns. He told me that the UK was using Astra Zeneca’s vaccine that has a much higher rate of blood clotting than the Pfizer and Moderna MRNA vaccines.
He led me to believe that there had been no adverse reactions in the area of BC where I live and that adverse reactions occur in less than 1 in 1,000,000 doses. I took him at his word and got the first Moderna Jab in early November. A day later I experienced ringing in my ears or Tinitus. I was told by BC Interior health that this is not a recognized side effect of the vaccines.
On 8th December I had my second Moderna dose. The next day I experienced mild chest pain and difficulty breathing as well as loss of sensation in my left hand.
I tried over 30 times to get an appointment to talk with my doctor but was told .’he’s not available until February’ . I tried again and said I just need a check up and got an appointment for 10th January.
The symptoms got progressively worse until I ended up in ER unable to breath and struggling to stand. The ER doctor did some tests and X-Rays and diagnosed Pericarditis. They sent me home with a prescription for Naproxen anti inflammatory pills…up to 1000mg per day.
These helped relieve the symptoms but did not address the underlying condition.
Two more conversations with my doctor yielded no help at all. I told him it was all getting worse and that I was afraid I was dying…..still no help or advice.
I’d been telling as many people as I could about my condition as people need to know that these adverse reactions are real and dangerous.
I believe my doctor was waiting for me to die.
Through word of mouth I was invited to a meeting of doctors that have been suspended for helping people that have been hurt by the vaccines….they suggested a variety of over the counter medications that might help…including Ivermectin, Vitamins C and D, Zinc, MAgnesium, N-A-C etc. I managed to get some of each and tried them….in a few days I was able to function without the Naproxen. I believe those doctors saved my life.
I’m not back to 100% yet but am at least able to function.
I take Ivermectin once a month and some of each of the other meds a few times a week.

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